Back to Basics Vol 1 feat. Tim Reveles

by Black Phoenix

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released June 15, 2013




Black Phoenix Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Yogurt!
Straight from the southernmost state the irate 94% ape 6% checkmate
Debator makin ya faint to elevate your mindstate developin heaven for brethren with hell in my face
I kill em with my pace catch me if you can man but I am what I am so yo ass is damned
Put yo clans in a trance like Diazepam
Talk you into tradin your treasure for half a gram
Yo how he sleep through all the classes, still smash the exams?
Its Pitch Black, no boogeyman, the jam in your jam
Slicker than pam, quick to pull out my dick in the lab
Skeet skeet on the beat till its stickier than yams
Fuck defeat I’m a stickler for stabs
Sneaking in your hospital room with venom, get to pickin your scabs
Its Ill Skill with the sickest of jabs
Black Mantis Shrimp, backhand a pimp just for the laughs
Bitch I rock like the crib of the cavs
And I’m talkin shit whole song long hit skip if you mad
And I’m bout to steal a brick from your dad
Your mom’s helpin son
I ain’t even ask her, she came offering weapons, run!
Black catch a wack rapper, leave him deaf and dumb
Missin his thumbs, with punctured lungs, and infected gums
Its a wrap on you fake MCs no cummerbunds
Bet you never thought that your slayer would be a southern one
All your confidence just makes it double fun, fuck ya gun
Punch you in your ego till ya double done

Hook x2:
18-20 MCs I get my priest on
21-24 rappers I get my feast on
25-30 Hone and sharpen my teeth on
30 and up, I’m goin beast on!

Cruisin through your mental nigga fuck what ya heard, don’t be absurd
Slaughter you and scatter ya herd
Bashful at first, but bashing on you bastards at third
Careful with words, got several points of never return
Steady I burn, innards black and crispy but firm
Persistent as sperm, quick to take a piss in your perm
It tickles, you squirm. Soon you’ll be re-gifting my germs
I’m itchin to learn, twistin fern, sippin a slurm
Silly and stern, might flip and give ya city a churn
Unlimited power in every calorie that I burn
And even more in the ones that I don’t
Yeah its possible, but try to tap my power, I’ll turn yo ass into fossil fuel
Told ya partner play possum watch him, I dodge his optical
Mad fast fatass, smash each and every obstacle
Including your apostles, I caught ‘em while tryna lock and load
Mean muggin, they really thought they could stop me cold
Might have been bold, but now they softer than rocky road
Dancin in the ocean and the wind, and my optimo gross
I only fuck wit dutches, and vegas forreal
But finna quit altogether til I make me a mil
But for now I’m just gon make me a meal
MC souffle, rapper salad, and chorizo with dill
You think you Smith but I’mma treat you like Till
Kill you and a hundred family members, make some leather, Phoenix Deville
And I’m so much better for you than pills
And more pleasant to swallow, Summer in Cabo still give you the chills
And I’m bout to hunt some rappers for thrills
Get some sticks and start drummin across they faces, playin nothin but fills

Hook x2

My nigga if you fly well then I’m the bug zapper
Just listen, I’m the shit and yo face is the pamper
You lame ass rappers don’t even deserve laughter
I’ll eat some alpha-bits and beat your verse on the crapper
Track Name: Killer Phoenix
Side with cide she gon give ya what she got
Simple and plain, whether its directly or not
You empty ya brain, everything you knew you forgot
You live unashamed, but stupid, you can’t hide from your thoughts
Them temporal thangs aint lettin go of memory so easily, they don’t even seem to be weakened up by the pot.
Heart cold but my soul feel the haunt
No I’m not opposed to growth, I’m opposed to groin close and apart

So won’t you look into my eyes and tell me what you see?
I’m gonna let down my disguise on count of one two three
And I really hope you don’t mind bein my lab rat
Oh and please don’t go and inquire about my last cat

Change of pace replace faith with neckbrace
Negate waste, make haste to face breastplates
Do your best to neglect your best mates, and find a way to flip scenarios whenever they’re best case
Killa you kill, feel like you invented the wheel
Killa you feel ill like you invented the pill
Real recognize cinema reel
Still it don’t even matter, you bypasser lest you fittin the bill

So let me look into your soul now just to peek around
Now I’m gon pull you with this pole right back to solid ground
And we can make it til the morn long as its not a sound
Oh and don’t say you ain’t been warned, now, when you body’s found

Baby I go so far past double with entendre
I’m only holding back the thoughts I seek to hide
So please don’t listen to me when I say I want ya
Let’s go for a ride

My own soul gets old at different paces
Ashes over when ready its heavy, and leaves me faceless
Got traces of yesterday inside my mostly fluid movements
So I’m scoopin out humans to make more room for improvements
It’s groovy
But now life seems to be blooming just like a movie they told me that gettin old would be moving even when losing
But more importantly, best be learning just what you’re doing so your head will stay in place whether business is dead or booming

Now I’m moving like the wind in your bodice
You don’t even notice lest I get excited, and deliver the focus
Now the world has been given good notice
Black is comin for the throne whether at the speed of cheetah or tortoise
And I’d rather have you eat us than own us
But as long as you thinkin upon us we get what we need, to be honest
Its ya minds not ya gun or ya wallet
Not ya tittys or pussy either, its not even your job or your college.

Now why did I leave somethin out? What do you think it is?
What the fuck is this song about? Self-help or tragic bliss?
If there’s one thing that’s on my mind its reversing this
When the grass is black on both sides, call Killer Phoenix
Track Name: Alohas
Turn your head just for a second I’m right here
Insecure types be confirmin the right fears
Pitch Black dash fast an hour per light year
Just to avoid hugs and watchin your eyes tear
My dear, how long has it been?
It doesn’t matter boo, sendin you off like batters do, safe to maintain an attitude, last to project my past at you but damn!
Does this mean everything was a sham?
Change yo mind at the end like the King of Siam?
We both know what kind of Phoenix I am, fuck you playin wit?
Long phone conversations, ain’t nobody sayin shit peace
Ok so I’ll admit I liked you at least.
Every time we kissed I had to pop a glycomin, sheesh, its too much
And I’d rather lose touch than move to a new touch too boo ooh!

My homie told me if you ever want your music to make money gotta treat it like a job and not a hobby.
He’s right and I need it but I ain’t in it for the money, I’m in it because I’m lyrically snobby
Can’t bear the thought of lyrically impaired heirs. Soon as DOOM dies, I’m declared mayor
Amputate the brains of all naysayers. Gimme that torch! Rap on anything on my front porch
Won’t snort or pop pills but I will let the blunt scorch
Mentally ill attitude chill with the blunt force
Trauma be drama free cause they nominees be comedy
Without a probably they more corny than hominy
No will of they own, they along like apostrophes
But as the master craftsman I’m cancellin that cacophony
Kemp Dynasty baby, and ain’t nobody stoppin me. Word.