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Side with cide she gon give ya what she got
Simple and plain, whether its directly or not
You empty ya brain, everything you knew you forgot
You live unashamed, but stupid, you can’t hide from your thoughts
Them temporal thangs aint lettin go of memory so easily, they don’t even seem to be weakened up by the pot.
Heart cold but my soul feel the haunt
No I’m not opposed to growth, I’m opposed to groin close and apart

So won’t you look into my eyes and tell me what you see?
I’m gonna let down my disguise on count of one two three
And I really hope you don’t mind bein my lab rat
Oh and please don’t go and inquire about my last cat

Change of pace replace faith with neckbrace
Negate waste, make haste to face breastplates
Do your best to neglect your best mates, and find a way to flip scenarios whenever they’re best case
Killa you kill, feel like you invented the wheel
Killa you feel ill like you invented the pill
Real recognize cinema reel
Still it don’t even matter, you bypasser lest you fittin the bill

So let me look into your soul now just to peek around
Now I’m gon pull you with this pole right back to solid ground
And we can make it til the morn long as its not a sound
Oh and don’t say you ain’t been warned, now, when you body’s found

Baby I go so far past double with entendre
I’m only holding back the thoughts I seek to hide
So please don’t listen to me when I say I want ya
Let’s go for a ride

My own soul gets old at different paces
Ashes over when ready its heavy, and leaves me faceless
Got traces of yesterday inside my mostly fluid movements
So I’m scoopin out humans to make more room for improvements
It’s groovy
But now life seems to be blooming just like a movie they told me that gettin old would be moving even when losing
But more importantly, best be learning just what you’re doing so your head will stay in place whether business is dead or booming

Now I’m moving like the wind in your bodice
You don’t even notice lest I get excited, and deliver the focus
Now the world has been given good notice
Black is comin for the throne whether at the speed of cheetah or tortoise
And I’d rather have you eat us than own us
But as long as you thinkin upon us we get what we need, to be honest
Its ya minds not ya gun or ya wallet
Not ya tittys or pussy either, its not even your job or your college.

Now why did I leave somethin out? What do you think it is?
What the fuck is this song about? Self-help or tragic bliss?
If there’s one thing that’s on my mind its reversing this
When the grass is black on both sides, call Killer Phoenix


from Back to Basics Vol 1 feat. Tim Reveles, released June 15, 2013
Killer Bastich




Black Phoenix Orlando, Florida

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