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Turn your head just for a second I’m right here
Insecure types be confirmin the right fears
Pitch Black dash fast an hour per light year
Just to avoid hugs and watchin your eyes tear
My dear, how long has it been?
It doesn’t matter boo, sendin you off like batters do, safe to maintain an attitude, last to project my past at you but damn!
Does this mean everything was a sham?
Change yo mind at the end like the King of Siam?
We both know what kind of Phoenix I am, fuck you playin wit?
Long phone conversations, ain’t nobody sayin shit peace
Ok so I’ll admit I liked you at least.
Every time we kissed I had to pop a glycomin, sheesh, its too much
And I’d rather lose touch than move to a new touch too boo ooh!

My homie told me if you ever want your music to make money gotta treat it like a job and not a hobby.
He’s right and I need it but I ain’t in it for the money, I’m in it because I’m lyrically snobby
Can’t bear the thought of lyrically impaired heirs. Soon as DOOM dies, I’m declared mayor
Amputate the brains of all naysayers. Gimme that torch! Rap on anything on my front porch
Won’t snort or pop pills but I will let the blunt scorch
Mentally ill attitude chill with the blunt force
Trauma be drama free cause they nominees be comedy
Without a probably they more corny than hominy
No will of they own, they along like apostrophes
But as the master craftsman I’m cancellin that cacophony
Kemp Dynasty baby, and ain’t nobody stoppin me. Word.


from Back to Basics Vol 1 feat. Tim Reveles, released June 15, 2013
Beat by Tm Reveles da Bastich!




Black Phoenix Orlando, Florida

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